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Hi, I need some advise... I just got 2 speeding tickets.. one in March and the other in June.. If I don't make it to school on time I get sent home... I messed up and now I have 2 speeding... Read More

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    Thanks Meriwhen!!! I am doing traffic school for one and the other I can't because I would have to wait 1 1/2 yrs... but, you are right .. they are infraction, not even a misdemeanor.. maybe I only have to report the one I can't do traffic school for?? I hope ;/ I will email them, didn't know I could do that!!! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! I just don't want the delay because I already have a job waiting for me..

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    Try to get your employer to allow you to leave 20 minutes early, offer to come in 20 minutes early. I am sorry, but I worked throughout nursing school and I found that the instructors and administration of my school used my job, as well as any other personal responsibilities, as a reason to treat me harshly. They warn you in the beginning about working or having personal problems, then they follow through. You have to deal the best you can. Don't allow these tickets to cause you to miss out on, or delay your license. I can assure you that the Board will sit on your application until you resolve the issue, and they will dispose of your application packet if it takes too long for you to deal with it.
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    Quote from lallaloopsie
    TI will email them, didn't know I could do that!!! thank you so much!
    It's easy to e-mail them and they WILL respond even if you don't give your name. I wrote them (well, the CA BRN, not the BVN) about something and got a reply within a week.
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    You are so right!!! I am paying for both this month on before the due date.. God willing it will not delay my license.. I did explian to my employer and I will ge to leave on time now, I just hope I can avoid the delay. Thank you so much for your advise, I appreciate it so much. =D

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