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  1. I was just invited for an interview at Western University of Health Sciences for their entry level masters program. I was looking for some advice as to what I might expect for the interview process. What might they ask me? Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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  3. by   ALXiong
    It is stressful. I went for interview there last year, but was on alternate list. I would not say how I prepared apparently because I am not a good example. The whole interview process will break into 3 parts. One is tour of the campus. Then the actual interview is 2 faculties to one interviewee. Lastly, you will have to do a writing sample on the topics they give you. (Do not bother to ask what topics and everyone has different topics, it does not put any weight on admission process, but to exam you for literal ability and see where your writing skill is at.) It does not have to be this specific order on what I list. I only recall some of questions they asked me during interview. 1. How do you prioritize when you have exam, paper, and group presentation due at the same time? 2. How do you handle stress? 3. If you run into a situation or a topic and you feel that the faulty is not doing the "right" thing or provide "correct
    answer, how do you handle it? 4. If you get a grade back and you think you should deserve a better grade, how do you handle it? 5. If you are doing a group project and someone in your group never show up and neither do any work, how do you handle it? 6. Why do you want to pick Western? What do you think about online program for MSN specialty? Lastly, they will give you a chance to ask questions about their school and program. It is better to prepare for some kind of questions. I asked how the DNP requirement in 2015 affect FNP students since I was applying specifically wanting to do FNP at their school. How do they help students to set up their clinical rotation at their own neighborhood or have difficulty locating a clinical instructor within the area? How I have RN license without a degree will affect me to look for work and how the school deal with this kind of issue? They do not offer any degree until you finish the entire program for master degree. Most hospital now prefer to hire RNs with bachelor degree. Majority of the RN residency will required a bachelor degree in Nursing.
    Good luck and hopefully this will help to release some of your anxiety about their interview.
  4. by   shamfrod
    Thank you! Your post definitely helps relieves some stress. I at least have an idea of the types of questions I might be asked in the interview process.
  5. by   ktonic
    @shamfrod: Hi there, I also recently just received an interview invitation. Thank you for posting this thread! I was wondering if you received the information for the interview yet? I just confirmed that I was able to make it on the day of the interview and was told that I would be getting more information as soon as I replied back.
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  6. by   wfapanchita
    ktonic: I also received my interview invitation last week on Wednesday, and responded that same night. I didn't get more information until Friday of that same week. My interview is this coming week on Wednesday. Have you received any information? I've been preparing this whole weekend, and been a bit nervous but reading ALXiong comment has for sure made me feel better.