I need to choose between ventura college and Santa Barbara City College.. What to do?

  1. I got accepted to Santa Barbara City college (SBCC) ASsociates degree nursing program today! Yay! I am getting married in the fall, so in Spring 2014 I will have the opportunity to enter either SBCC or Ventura college ADN program. I have been on the wait list for both schools for nearly 2 years. Does anyone have any suggestions of what school to choose and why? Your opinion on the nursing programs at either school is appreciated. Thank you
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    • Ventura College ADN program

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    • Santa Barbara City College ADN program

      60.00% 6
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  4. by   dischickwidTLC
    Hey girl, so what did u end up picking santa barbara city college or ventura? Im planning to do my rn at santa barbara so need ur help😁.. How is it over there ?