Husband's job moving every 6 months......

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    Hi all!

    My husband is starting a new job that will move us every 6 months for 2 years to various locations around the US and one rotation overseas. At the end he will then be placed in a permanent management position.

    My question is how should I go about working the 2 years of traveling every 6 months? I understand the overseas time may be a wash, but what about the time in the US? There is another twist: I have not worked in a hospital since my extern experience in nursing school almost 2 years ago. I have worked as a hospital and clinic case manager, and more recently a school nurse and an assistant DON at an assisted living facility. The last 2 are where I work currently. While I loved my jobs, and they have given me a unique perspective on the world of nursing, they are not traditional "new" nurse jobs. I believe that most traveling nurse positions are for the hospital without much support. Even home health or hospice agencies I believe prefer at least a year in a hospital.

    Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

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