Help! Can a 5150 prevent me from taking the NCLEX?

  1. I recently finished with a BSN from a school in California. I recently received a letter from the Board of Registered Nursing saying that I have to submit court documents to mitigate previous issues in my DOJ record before they can process my application.

    The thing is, I haven't had any trouble with the law so I'm not quite sure what type of court documents I'm supposed to provide. The only issue that I can think of is that I was involuntarily admitted to a mental health institution for 72 hours (5150) about 5 years ago. I have since turned my life around and am ready to start my career.

    I've been trying to get in contact with people from the nursing board for the past week, but have been unsuccessful so far. I'm going to request a copy of the DOJ record although it takes about 8 - 10 weeks.

    Has anyone else been in the same situation before? Any advice?

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  3. by   Meriwhen
    AFAIK, a 5150 should not stop you from taking the NCLEX. 5150s are not criminal convictions, just involuntary holds for the purposes of psychiatric evaluation. Many 5150s are discontinued or even struck down shortly after they are initiated.

    That being said, the BRN tends to follow its own rules. It'd be nice if they were more specific about what these criminal record issues were...without forcing you to reveal anything that you do not wish to, were you also arrested and/or involved in criminal activity (drugs, trespassing, etc.) that led to the 5150?

    Also, a 5150 does result in a 5-year firearms restriction. Perhaps that is what came up in your record?
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