Harbor College nursing program Fall 2013

  1. Hello, I wanted to see how many people applied to Los Angeles Harbor College nursing program for the fall of 2013? Has anyone been invited to take the TEA's exam yet? look forward to hearing from you guys thanks
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  3. by   crate
    Hi, brittneynicole24! I'm signed up to take the TEAS at Harbor this thursday. I'm not too nervous about passing but to feel better, I'm taking some practice tests I got at the library. Good luck to you and I hope we both get through the next lottery. It sucks that there are two. Do you know how many get invited to take the TEAS and then how many they select for the Fall 2013 class? Just wondering.
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    let me know how the test goes. I take it on May 9 at El Camino. I turned down the invite for Harbor even though it is closer to my house and I took all my pre req there. I was just over the lottery thing. El camino excepts you base on gpa and teas scores. I worked to hard for my 3.9 gpa to leave it up to chance. good luck to you and please give me any tips about the TEAS if you dont mind
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    I considered El Camino but they seem to have additional barriers that I wasn't willing to do or just couldn't. I didn't take chem but was able to take anatomy and physio at LBCC and micro at Harbor. I don't really know why I would need to take a intro to nursing class before I can apply to El Camino and since I have not taken any classes there, I have no priority to register. I hate to lottery thing, too. Why did I try so hard on my pre-reqs to get good grades if it doesn't matter?

    The TEAS was fine. I found it a little difficult and panicked for a bit during the test but it was all ok. I found out my score immediately after taking it. I studied for a couple of days just taking practice exams in a McGraw-Hill book I borrowed from the library - it was current and for version V. I identified areas I needed to study and brushed up on those areas. The one thing I would advise on the math section - it seems really hard for me and there certainly isn't enough time to do all the calculations, so do a rough calc in your head and pick the answer that makes the most sense. There won't be other answers that are close. I figured it out a bit late that it was a better way to go instead of trying to calculate everything exactly. I ran out of time and just had time to answer them once. I usually go back and check my answers. ATI also adjusts your score based on the difficulty of the exam, I believe that's the only score you see and the school sees. I'm sure you'll do just fine.

    Now, I'm waiting for the second round of lotto picks with Harbor and am on the alternate list for LBCC. Hope I get one of 'em. Good luck
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    I know others who feel the same way as you. But most places that pay really well with excellent benefits are now requiring a BSN just to work for them. So your GPA will matter once you hit CSU or USC level for a bachelors. Don't stop at an ASN! Go for your BSN!