Golden West vs. Saddleback - page 3

After waiting a year and a half to get into nursing school, I finally got accepted to both GWC and Saddleback for this fall. I've heard good things about both schools, especially now that GWC has the... Read More

  1. by   nataliec79
    Hi everyone, I am applying in June for Spring 2014 semester. I am taking my last semester of prereqs right now (micro and physio). I was wondering about how many points people had when they were accepted? I have points for working as a PT aid, having a BA, taking some of the extra classes, and speaking another language but I haven't taken the TEAS yet and I don't have all A's in the science prereqs. I really want to get into Saddleback
  2. by   ashwomanctr
    does anyone know how many points you need to have a good chance of getting in at both golden west and saddleback? i have 70 points for saddleback and 71 for golden west? do i have a good chance of getting in at either one of these schools? i haven't applied yet but am planning on applying for saddleback for the spring. also, does goldenwest only accept applications once a year? that is the impression i was left with after looking at some of their stuff online.