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After waiting a year and a half to get into nursing school, I finally got accepted to both GWC and Saddleback for this fall. I've heard good things about both schools, especially now that GWC has the new nursing building, but I... Read More

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    Thanks Maddy.
    I really appreciate your response. It's funny how I have gone from being afraid I won't get in anywhere, to being afraid I will make the wrong choice. I am really leaning towards Saddleback, but I am going to the orientation at GW this week to see if it changes my mind.
    Good luck to you as you finish your last year

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    I just went to the GWC orientation and had a couple more questions.
    Do you know how many students CSUF will co-enroll with Saddleback and if Concordia is also an option for Saddleback students to start their BSN during last year at Saddleback?
    How many hours a week of skills lab did you do this year, and were they scheduled on lecture days?
    Thanks for your help,
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    Hi Sherry,

    As far as I know each school started with 10 students (maybe a little more/less) doing the CSUF dual enrollment program this semester. I think this was a sort of trial semester and they may decide to accept more/less in following semesters. And as far as Concordia, I'm not sure if you can dually enroll with both schools. I would assume it's the same criteria as GWC, so if GWC students can than I'll bet Saddleback students can. That's something you can find out from Concordia. And for skills lab, we only had to have 12 hours a semester.
    My first semester at Saddleback was this: Nursing Process Class, Wednesday lecture 730-2ish with an hour and half lunch, and Th/F hospital shifts from 630-330 or so (other hospitals had M/T shifts). That was for about half the semester, and the first 2 weeks your doing skills training at school 3 days a week instead of the hospital. The second half of the semester we had mental health, which apparently all other schools do during 3rd semester. I really liked having it 1st semester and getting it done. During that section, we had lecture on Wednesdays from like 1-330, then 1) 8 hour shift a week at the hospital. After so many weeks of the regular nursing process section, mental health was sort of a break, which in first semester you kind of need. Then just add 12 hours of skills lab on your own time during each semester. They're not specific on how many you need a week, it's all by semester.

    Hope this helps a little. I also went to GWC's orientation last year before deciding on Saddleback. I would suggest making your decision after you go to the orientations at Saddleback. After I went to both last year, I just got a much better impression from Saddleback, but like I said, you can't go wrong with either school!

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    Hi Maddy, How's the nursing program going? I actually just got accepted to saddleback spring 2013. I had some questions though. It is regarding some materials related to technology. Do the nursing professors allow recording of their lectures? I am deciding if I should make a purchase of a recorder or not. Also same for like a tablet or a smart phone? I read that many nursing students just bring their tablets with apps that have drug book, medical dictionary... Etc. instead of bringing their hard copy (and heavy!) books to their clinically. What do you think? Do they allow tablets or smartphones at clinicals? I would very much appreciate your feedback! And I'd love to know your experiences at saddleback! Thanks in advance!
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    Hi Cathering,

    Congrats on getting accepted! I have not regretted my decision about choosing Saddleback since I started the program. I'm now in 3rd semester and love it!

    And yes, I'm pretty sure every school allows recordings and smartphones these days. I record all of my lectures and they help me a lot when studying. And I also use my iPhone several times a day during clinicals to look up different diagnoses and what not. Most people don't bring a lot of their large nursing books to clinicals anyway so a smartphone is nice to have if you need to look something up real quick. Some other students have downloaded apps to use in place of their books, but most of them say they've hardly used the apps. I think you'll use a few of your books/apps in first semester during clinical until you get familiar with different diagnoses, but for the most part now I just bring my drug dosage book with me to clinical and use my phone to look stuff up if needed. But as far as being allowed to, yes you're allowed to use electronics as long as you're not using them in front of patients or anything. I just haven't seen very many people use those in place of their books unless they just need to look something up quickly. Everyone is different and you might find it works for you, but the people who were all excited in first semester because they could use their phones or other electronics instead of books ended up just using their books anyway.

    Everyone I know in the program loves Saddleback and would definitely recommend it to future RN applicants. Hope this helps!
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    Wow, thanks so much for all of that! I am so excited to start! Congratulations you're more than half way done (:
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    Hi everyone, I am applying in June for Spring 2014 semester. I am taking my last semester of prereqs right now (micro and physio). I was wondering about how many points people had when they were accepted? I have points for working as a PT aid, having a BA, taking some of the extra classes, and speaking another language but I haven't taken the TEAS yet and I don't have all A's in the science prereqs. I really want to get into Saddleback
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    does anyone know how many points you need to have a good chance of getting in at both golden west and saddleback? i have 70 points for saddleback and 71 for golden west? do i have a good chance of getting in at either one of these schools? i haven't applied yet but am planning on applying for saddleback for the spring. also, does goldenwest only accept applications once a year? that is the impression i was left with after looking at some of their stuff online.

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