Glendale Adventist student RN summer internship 2012

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    Has anyone applied for Glendale Adventist Summer internship for student RN's?
    Has anyone heard back from Glendale Adventist yet?

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    I applied. I am doing my clinical rotations for Glendale Adventist right now. One of the directors came and talked with our class 2 days ago and said they are starting to contact the applicants! Fingers crossed.
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    Thank You so much. No one that I have talked to has recieved a call yet. Fingers Crossed we get a call really soon.
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    Thanks Sunglitz56! I was getting worried too. Because the job has been posted for awhile and I wasn't sure if they were serious about hiring anyone since I didn't get any call or email. Hopefully it works out! Good luck y'all!
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    I also applied and I made it through all of the interviews. I'm still waiting to hear back as to whether I was accepted or not. It should be any day now. Good luck to all of you!
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    CA SRN
    What department where you applying for?
    That is great you have made it through all the interviews. When did they contact you first?
    I still havent heard anything back.
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    I just got a call today from them.
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    Thats great news. Was it just a phone interview or did they schedule an interview with you. Did they tell you what department it was for.
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    I had a one on one interview with the critical care director. Then I received a call the next week from HR regarding the status of the application.
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    Thanks for the update. May I ask if you got the job?
    I got impatient and called today for status of my application, they stated I was still Active in their system and asked what department I was interested in.

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