Fresno National University--BSN and ABSN

  1. Greetings,

    I've seen posts on National University but I see LA and San Diego alot. Does anyone have information on the accerlerated BSN program at National University? The BSN program?

    I can apply now (accerlerted BSN) but am hoping to work for a year to save up the much needed money to take the time to go and dedicate myself.

    PLEASE share your experiences, pros, cons, and anything you can about the Fresno National University campus and programs.

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  3. by   cacentralvalley
    Does anyone have any insight on National University in Fresno? I've read so much on the LA and SD campuses but can't find anything on Fresno. Anything will help.
  4. by   ginamaureen
    I have attended National University Fresno for over a year...I love it!!!! You can take a month off in between classes if you have to and the classes fly by. I highly recommend this school to anyone who needs to work as well as go to school full time.
  5. by   queen2bee
    i agree with ginamaureen, great school!!!
  6. by   studentnusn
    I am not sure if the above NU students are actually in the BNS program, but I am currently enrolled in the BSN program at the Fresno campus, and it DOES NOT allow for a flexible schedule. Some of the NU classes/programs do, but the nursing program is much different. First of all, they accept only 20 students per cohort (every 6 months), and you start the program and work through it with the same 20 students. Your classes are scheduled back to back with minimal breaks, and you should graduate within 22 months. They recommend that you not plan to work while in the program, but I do know of some who are able to hold down PT jobs. However, you are very much at their mercy for scheduling. We have had classes and clinicals during the day, nights, and weekends. It varies from month to month, and makes planning very difficult. The program has only had 6 cohorts so far, so it is relatively new and there are many "kinks" yet to be worked out. There is some disorganization and confusion, and the staff seems to be ever changing. I have really liked some of the instructors though, and have enjoyed my hospital experiences. I am a little disheartened by some of the requirement changes that include passing all tests/quizes with a 76% or better, and having to pass poctored ATI exams for each class in order to pass the overall course. The problem with this is that if you fail a course you have to wait 6 months to take it again, and even then there must be an opening for you. In other words someone from a newer cohort has had to have dropped or failed. They can only have 20 students at a time, and the classes are only offered 6 months apart. I am already invested in this program and am trying to keep my eye on the prize and see the positives, but if I had it to do again I might choose another nursing program even if it meant waiting longer for a lottery or even moving out of the area if possible.

    Hope this helps!
  7. by   queen2bee
    studentnusn, im not in the program just yet i will be applying soon but i did got to the pre nursing forum and they said that planning is very vital and that u need to have a plan as to who will watch your kids, will your job work with u if u are working, how will get to the clinical sites etc. are you almost done??? thats what has me on edge the most is the planning part i want to make sure that i will be able to go through with the program with a good plan. i hope all is well with you and that u continue to keep ur eyes focused on the prize, and thanks for posting that, it was much needed.
  8. by   cacentralvalley
    Thank you so much for your input!!!! It was really great!
  9. by   charleneross
    Im applying to the program in Jan 2013 and the prereqs to apply are a high score on TEAS exam, a good written proctored essay, all A's in the A&P-microbio-biomedical stats. its a competitive program. ive spoken to faculty in the nursing dept abd according to them they have had students apply with C's abd get in to program. They scored very high on the teas and the essay. You must be a student at time you apply and you can only apply 3x to the entireNUsystem. It is a very competitive process. The prifessors ive had for my scienceswere all active doctors in the field so you get an excellent education. There are writing classes you can take that would help you for the proctored essay that NU does provide but you would need to study for the tease on your own. Im crossing my fingers and prayinfg that i get in. According to Nursing dept there were ppl that got straight A's in their sciences but didnt get in because of their teas and written scores. so we will of luck!