Finally accepted into American River College's RN program!

  1. Hello everyone. My name is Cortney, I'm 31 and from Sacramento, CA.

    I found out last week (on my birthday!) that I was finally accepted into ARC's nursing program!! I applied 7 times= 3.5 years waiting. I will start in January 2013 after passing the TEAS V. I am so excited! I have waited so long for this and somedays I cant believe it's actually happening! I have worked as a CNA and home-healthcare aide for the past 8 years and I am so ready to fulfill my dream of becoming an RN.... but I'm also a bit scared.

    I have been done with my pre-reqs for 3 1/2 years and have just been taking one class a semester to stay in the "groove" of school, but now I'm concerned that it is going to be a major adjustment taking full classes again. Also, it's very unnerving having no idea what to expect!

    I'm hoping to connect with some people that are in or have been in American River College's RN program and can give me a heads-up on what to expect! I look forward to any feedback/advice you can give me!

    Thanks for reading!

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  3. by   dreambig2015
    Hi Cortney! Congrats on getting accepted : ) you must be very excited! I applied to ARC's RN program for spring 2013 too, but I have not heard back yet. My status online still says "application qualified" does that mean I probably did not get accepted?
  4. by   Cortney
    Thank you for the congratulations!

    I'm no expert and therefore not completely sure, but unfortunately I think you would of heard by now.

    I found out I was accepted last week on the 6th. I know previous times when I didn't get in, I would get the "not selected" email about a week or so after friends had gotten the "accepted" email. Not sure why they don't send them all out at once. Also, if you aren't selected the status online will continue to say "application qualified" until the next time your able to apply.

    How many times have you applied?
  5. by   perioddrama
    Just wanted to say congratulations!!!!!

    Now rock it in nursing school
  6. by   dreambig2015
    Thank you for your input! Yeah I am pretty sure I would have heard back from them if I was selected. This was actually my very first time applying.

    My best friend was in sac state's nursing program and she just graduated in December; this is what she told me about the program:
    The first few weeks are extremely hectic, they test you on a lot of different things that they expect you to know coming into the program. Some things you might want to review from A&P - The heart, kidneys and the respiratory system. Make sure you understand those really well.

    She also mentioned (a lot of other students from ARC told me the same) KNOW how to do dosage calculations. You can get a cheap book on amazon. Just practice those before the program. My friend was given a math test the first week of the program. The first few weeks are going to seem really frustrating and loads of work but she said it will calm down a bit. If nursing if your passion, you will love it! Even though my friend went to sac state I am sure the 2 programs are very similar. Good luck to you
  7. by   Cortney
    Thank you for the info! I will definitely study up on the things you mentioned. I know we are given a math test in the first week so I have been practicing my dosage calc's. Nursing is definitely my passion-- I can't wait to be an RN.

    Hope to see you in the program soon!!!
  8. by   Cortney
    Thank you!!!!
  9. by   CarryThatWeight
    I am an ARC alumnus. Feel free to PM me if you'd like. Congratulations!
  10. by   Cortney
    Thank you! I am super excited!

    I cannot figure out how to "PM"... I just signed up today. Maybe that could have something to do with it?
  11. by   CarryThatWeight
    You have to have 15 "quality" posts before the site will let you PM. If you're posting a lot, it goes quick! They want to prevent spammers.
  12. by   Cortney
    OH! Okay... well I will PM you eventually. I'm really hoping you can tell me what it's like! I'm so nervous!
  13. by   Lyricalluna
    Congrats I have yet to heard back yet either. We usually will get a rejection email if anything so there is still hope =]
  14. by   dreambig2015
    Yeah the fact that I have not received a rejection letter yet gives me some hope.