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Hello everyone , I start this threat for EVC program Fall 2012, anyone going to apply? please do join and share info, btw any guy apply ? good luck to all :)... Read More

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    You should apply to De Anza, the waiting list is less then 200 people and it's moving pretty fast
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    I live in Santa Cruz and don't want to commute for prereqs. But it's good the list goes fast!
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    Did you guys hear anything yet? I've got in, just got my email today! I am excited to the new beginning...
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    Good job on getting in! Unfortunately I didn't get in its alright I am still hopeful! I wanted to try De Anza, but I need to take that nursing class.
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    Sorry to hear you didn't get in Take the De Anza nursing class and apply to their nursing program. People are moving fast on the waiting list and there is a chance you'll be in the program within a year after you apply
    Did you apply to any other schools besides Evergreen?
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    So far Evergreen. I am going to try to apply at more places when the application period comes.

    Good luck at Evergreen!
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    Hi Mila3791, I wanted to know did u get in your first time. I applied for this upcoming application and scared. How many applicants do they get if you know
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    Determined2b was this your first time applying as well

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