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Everest College Ontario metro

  1. 0 I saw a few topics already but some have not been replied to in a while so I decided to make a new one.

    I would like to apply to Everest College for the rn I have been calling the school for a while now and they are always busy and I am ever able to speak to a representive. I know that they are having info meeting for the rn courses this month but I also hurd they will do this in feburary is this true? I am in az at the moment and can not make a meeting this month. I was wondering if any one know if I can apply some other time this year.

    Any info about the Rn enrollment or course would be much appreacated. I would email the school but I can not find an email anywhere.

    Any help is much appreacatied thank you!
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    They have mandatory information sessions twice a year. There you will get info on the program, and if interested, can sign up for a test date. Once you take the test, (which you CANNOT miss or reschedule) and score in the top 200'ish, they interview those potential students. Out of those, they choose about 60. They are sent through the financial process. The top 40 are chosen.
    It is incredibly competitive. Approximately 1000-2000 go to the initial meeting every six months.
    The meetings are held in August and February.
    Hope that helps
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    Sheralyn did alot of people show up to test? i heard theres often alot of no shows? just wonderin....I take my test 9/13
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    I think about 25-30 were in my group. I didn't count heads, but by looking at the sign in sheet, there should've been way more. Fine by me....just ups my chances.
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    Congrats on passing the test Shera, I took my test on sept. 07 n passed...now waiting for my interview!
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    Quote from SpanishTan
    Congrats on passing the test Shera, I took my test on sept. 07 n passed...now waiting for my interview!
    Congrats! I'll let you know if I hear anything...please do the same
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    I passed my Hesi was interviewed then PUT ON the ROLLOVER LIST. This SUCKS!!! I'm going elsewhere.

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