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EMT Courses Northern California?

  1. 0 Hello!

    I'm currently doing pre-reqs to apply for Nursing School in Fall of 2014. I live in Larkspur in Marin County near the San Francisco Bay area. In the meantime I'd love to work part time in a medical related field to gain knowledge, experience and network at hospitals.

    My brother is an RN in Sacramento and recommended I become an EMT. He says I'll get more experience with critical care and overall as an EMT rather than a CNA. He also said that while it doesn't pay as well to work on a rig, if I can network my way to land a job in an ER I could make around $20 an hour with EKG training. Is that true?

    Can anyone please recommend a program in my area? I'm willing to travel to the city (San Francisco), East Bay, Sonoma and Santa Rosa area but would prefer something close to Marin. I'd rather do a quick accelerated program so I can work as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance!