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    i am feeling alittle helpless because all i can do now is wait for my acceptance letter from cypress, cerritos and gwc.I would like to know my chances of getting in (bec. the couselors dont really help much when it comes to this). I got an "A" in anatomy and physiology and a "B" in micro and english 101. I amtaking my teas on MAY1

    As for cypress college, i have 22 point right now. just a point below what the couselor said is "competitive (23 points)" but i will complete my arts requiremnt during summer (so if needed) when i update my applicated my points will be a 23 instead of a 22

    cerritos and gwc goes by lottery. I am glad that i submitted an application bec. at least i have a chance (to get picked) . i am very hopefull that i get in but i dont really know where i stand and what to expect!!

    pls give feedbacks, comments, suggestions ... anything at all
    ---> for the meantime, i am expecting those acceptance letters on May
    ( i hope they could be sooner =| )
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