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Hey everyone, this is the first application process for a Nursing program for myself and I am only applying to CSUSB for Winter 2013. I wanted to see if anyone else is in the same boat as me. I am very nervous for this process!!!... Read More

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    Quote from so_elle
    i can't see it either! i'm gunna go out to csusb right now to check it out. if it isn't posted by then i'll take a picture and post it! ...that is if im not super depressed that i didn't get in after seeing it lol *crosses fingers*

    Friendly reminder from staff regarding site ToS, "Information About Others:....Please do not give out personal identifying information about yourself or others. Do not name names where anyone could identify any person in any facility including your nursing programs or place of employment." Kindly refrain from posting a photo of the list of accepted students to the message board or via PM.

    thank you for understanding. Good luck to all waiting to hear about acceptance.

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    What were your stats? I'm hoping I get in through a miracle, I still have to bring up my gpa
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    I GOT ACCEPTED!!! oh man i was nearly having a heart attack on the way there lol.

    i wish we could do a fb group or something for winter 2013 students? like darkbluephoenix did for the fall 2012 class..what do you guys think??

    if you want to email me, i can check if your names on the list (if thats allowed)
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    OH my stats

    gpa: 3.85
    teas: i don't remember but i turned in V5 which was only like 76% AND V4 which was in the high 80s and they said they would take the better of the 2, they both have different weights since V5 is more difficult

    2 letters of rec, bilingual, and resident of SB county. i dont remember what else was required. oh and i'm a cna, but they don't take that into account.

    if you want to raise your gpa, like you got a B in A&P. you can take A&P at another school to try and get an A (:
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    oh actually i had a 3.86 sorry. though i don't know if the .01 makes a difference
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    we should have a Facebook page that will be awesome
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    Yes someone make a Facebook group! Congrats!
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    Lets make the facebook group!!! I can't wait to meet everyone
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    Any suggestions on the name of the group?? I'm not very creative lol :/ and yes I can't wait to meet everyone! I'm dying to get my letter in the mail to make it feel more real lol
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    Anything would work! Maybe just the obvious CSUSB Winter 2013 Nurses ?! Haha I'm not sure. I can't wait for my letter as well!

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