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Hey guys. was just wondering if any of you can clear out some of the questions i have regarding the nursing program for the spring 2012 at CSULB. STATS: science gpa 3.23 foundation/ge: 4.0 individual: 96.7 math:100 i am... Read More

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    ^hope you're right Jwong! Ugh
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    I just got my acceptance letter! Woooooo! So freakin happy!
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    Wow congrats!! :-) Did you get it via regular mail?
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    No, I got an email from ---- like 2 hours ago. I hope you guys get in too!
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    That's great! There is another big thread with a bunch of people on it, search CSULB Spring 2012! I have not gotten an email, but thankfully I was accepted into CSUSB's program for Winter 2012! :-). It's closer to home so was my first choice anyway hehe.
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    I got accepted email.
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    WOOWOOO see ya'll Spring 2012!!!! good byeeeeeeeeeeee social life...
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    I'm new to this page but I'm also a csulb student hoping to apply to the nursing program! I'm barely a freshman now but I have a question regarding finishing all of my foundation courses. I still have one foundation course left to take and it's too late to take it now, as the professors have said. Are my chances of applying disqualified since I didn't finish all my foundation courses within my first year of college? Would it matter if I took it the first semester of my sophomore year?
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    Which foundation course do you need to take? I'm in 2nd semester of the nursing program right now, and I don't think it matters when you take the course. If anything, go to the new CSULB School of nursing office and ask the lady at the front desk.