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  1. by   h.c.
    Just got my email. When I called I believe I was told mine was in room 26 but not 100% sure. Do you guys know where the sign in desk will be? it says first quad but I have no idea what that means
  2. by   lala488
    I think the first quad is in the old building... The quad by monalisa's room? Anyway good luck to us for tomorrow
  3. by   HeyWhatsUP
    how do they notify who's admitted and who's alternates? anyone know??
  4. by   h.c.
    I think you will get an email from them around Thanksgiving time.
  5. by   cxmonet
    may i ask what your guys' stats are (for those who got accepted)?
    i want to apply for lb's program for the fall '13 and im gonna need to retake my teas test for it is VERY bad.
    i just wanna know if theres a chance for me. i am STRESSING.
  6. by   Kathryn13
    hey I heard some people found out they already got in, have you guys hear anything?
  7. by   h.c.
    really?? how did they find out? I haven't heard anything yet
  8. by   h.c.
    I didn't get accepted yet because I don't think they sent out the acceptance letters but I was in the interview and I have 8.936
  9. by   HeyWhatsUP
    no havent heard anything, I thought they said they were going to notify us towards the end of this month?
  10. by   lala488
    Yeah I heard it's around thanksgiving? Now I'm anxious. =\ And everyone who got an interview should at least get an email they're alternates if they did not get in... I think?
  11. by   lala488
    There's a list posted by the old nursing bldg!! where you sign up for the TEAS
  12. by   lala488
    They accepted 72 people. Go check your names on there guyssss