CSULB Pre-Nursing Students: SPRING 2013 Applicants - page 4

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Hi Everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for awhile now, reading about the experiences and helpful insights of many CSULB Pre-Nursing students who have applied during the previous semesters. With that said, I am very... Read More

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    may i ask what your guys' stats are (for those who got accepted)?
    i want to apply for lb's program for the fall '13 and im gonna need to retake my teas test for it is VERY bad.
    i just wanna know if theres a chance for me. i am STRESSING.
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    hey I heard some people found out they already got in, have you guys hear anything?
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    really?? how did they find out? I haven't heard anything yet
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    I didn't get accepted yet because I don't think they sent out the acceptance letters but I was in the interview and I have 8.936
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    no havent heard anything, I thought they said they were going to notify us towards the end of this month?
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    Yeah I heard it's around thanksgiving? Now I'm anxious. =\ And everyone who got an interview should at least get an email they're alternates if they did not get in... I think?
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    There's a list posted by the old nursing bldg!! where you sign up for the TEAS
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    They accepted 72 people. Go check your names on there guyssss