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I just submitted my application yesterday and thought I'd start a thread for this process! I was involved in one last year when I applied, and it was really helpful to know what was going on, and where my stats where with others!... Read More

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    man I managed to sleep well during this week until now. think I can't sleep tonight lol hopefully she will tell me "congratulation"

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    I just called "her" and I'm in! Like what choe said, if you got accepted to the university then you're in the program! Woohoo she also said save June 7- orientation day! Congratulations to everyone who got in!!
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    Aw man I got waitlisted. Should I call "her" to see what number I am or just wait it out? I have a feeling not many, if any, will not accept the acceptance from LB since its such an amazing nursing school.
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    Hey guys...started a FB group page. "
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    "CSULB Nursing Fall 2013"

    Feel free to change the group name or settings, currently set as "closed to the group".
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    I tried to find the group but I couldn't find it on FB. :[[
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    I can't find it either
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    Ok, I opened it to the "public"...hopefully that works ; )
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    Hello all,
    I just joined the forum. I am in the program too and very excited. I was told to be ready for June 7th orientation.
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    Is there any FB group that we can join and communicate?

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