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I just submitted my application yesterday and thought I'd start a thread for this process! I was involved in one last year when I applied, and it was really helpful to know what was going on, and where my stats where with others!... Read More

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    GL to the both of u

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    Wow you're sitting pretty with a 9.7! Congrats on that score, and keep me posted of you hear anything. I was told end of February, which is surprisingly early to me. We'll see...
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    My approach is still applying to various programs...given the history of budget's impact on all the programs these last few years, it is possible other factors might eliminate me. Cap on transfer students, university cutbacks, changes in admission requirements...basically any other factor not in my control.
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    Oh, and yes, I will share any info I come across. I hadn't heard Feb. Exactly, "we'll see" let the tragic waiting begin.
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    Hello all. I have also recently submitted my application to the program yesterday and hoping to maintain my sanity until interview letters start being sent out. Anybody else find this nerve wracking? I hand-delivered the application myself, not relying on snail mail :/ The person that accepted my application simply snatched the envelope from my hands and piled it on top of other applications saying a simple "Good luck!" I couldn't help but think that all that preparation(approx. 1 year for me) has finally ended. ugh Feels good! then again not.
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    I applied last year with the same experience. I actually emailed the counselor to confirm that my application was received! I got lucky this year and was able to hand deliver my application directly to the counselor, where she looked it over right in front of me! Good timing I guess? The waiting is horrible, that's why I started this thread Congrats!
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    Hey everybody!

    I'm a bit late with my reply but I, too, have applied to CSULB's nursing program for Fall 2013, but as a transfer. I just turned in my application yesterday, actually. Here are my stats:

    Science GPA: 3.56
    GE GPA: 4.0
    TEAS Overall: 94%
    TEAS Math: 100%

    So... that leaves me with roughly, 9.45 points.

    Does anyone know how transfer students are offered admission into nursing? If we meet the minimum transfer requirements, are we given the chance to be considered by the nursing department, who ultimately decides if we get in? For instance, does our score out of 10 points determine if we get in after we meet the minimum transfer requirements? Or, does admissions admit students with the highest cumulative GPAs as well as the nursing score?

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    I do not know, but I am pretty sure that they are two separate entities. CSULB will hopefully offer us admission based on GPA, whereas CSULB nursing will offer us admission based on points out of 10. We need to be accepted to both.
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    I attended the Advisement Session in Dec. '12. I specifically asked if the SON (School of Nursing) is anticipating the university admissions to change mid-application period or if the university would limit the number of transfer students, as in past admission pools. The director stated that as far as they knew the university would offer admission based on the students accepted into the nursing program--on the condition that the nursing applicant's selected also meet university admission requirements (completed 60+ units/GPA). She explained that the Cal State's are focusing on admitting transfer students that are most likely to complete all of their graduation requirements (other than nursing classes, i.e., capstones, general studies) in the shortest amount of time possible...within the 6 semesters from admission (tnsfrs). She also made a disclaimer that given the budget things can always change. The latest changes re the "highly-impacted" major does change the GPA averages accepted w/in each program designated "highly-impacted"...nursing has always been "highly-impacted", so not much change to this specific dept.

    ***Be sure to comply w/all of University's requests--University's Supplemental is due next week.***
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    thank you @redwards6 & @gmo77677. i feel a bit better about my application. i do meet university requirements but i was just worried about my cumulative GPA. I have a 3.2, which isn't as competitive as other students. i guess all we can do now is wait ... the best of luck to you all -- and myself too.

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