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I just submitted my application yesterday and thought I'd start a thread for this process! I was involved in one last year when I applied, and it was really helpful to know what was going on, and... Read More

  1. by   gogo1717
    You most likely are correct ; ) I was thinking SON's due date.
  2. by   gogo1717
    You're more than likely correct, im thinking of nursing's deadline.
  3. by   redwards6
    Okay, so I just looked at last years thread for CSULB and interview emails went out on March 5-6, which is exactly 3 weeks after the application period closed. That would put us at about March 8th. The cutoff for fall 2012 was 9.11. Good luck!
  4. by   gobeach2013
    OMG this wait is so dreadful and seems so lonnng If any of you guys/ girls hear anything from the nursing department please let us know. According to redwards6's posts, we have about 2-3 weeks left of waiting for interview invites! I hope the fact that there are 500+ applicants does not higher the point average by much either. Good luck everyone!
  5. by   redwards6
    Last year there were about the same number of applicants, and 2nd degree bachelor seekers were invited into that pool as well. The wait is horrible...
  6. by   gogo1717
    Yes, I have participated in the interview. The first time I applied I was an alternate. The interview is not like a job interview, it's set up to determine your communication skills, in English. They set you up in groups, you listen to videos and interpret to the best of your recollection--you answer questions verbally in a group setting and in writing. They also had an activity in which you partner up and provide instructions to your partner using a bunch of different medical items (e.g., tweezers, gloves). I also remember a Prof./Administrator asks questions in a group setting. I remember thinking "that wasn't that bad" once it's over...don't let your nerves get the best of you. The hardest part of the application process is already done (GPA/TEAS). The interview may have changed, I did it on 2009.
  7. by   gobeach2013
    @gmo77677, do they tell us if we're alternates or not before or during the interview? Or do we figure that out on our own? I hope they do because that would lower my stress levels by a bit lol.
  8. by   gobeach2013
    and thanks @gmo77677 for the info on interviews! i'll keep that in mind if i get an invite.
  9. by   gogo1717
    When I went thru the process I was aware of where I stood on the list. The alternates go thru the entire process, including the orientation...you need to be ready to fill a spot in the event it opens up.

    I'm not sure how much has changed since then. As of mid July for the Fall '09 term, they were up to #17, I was #21. They had to prematurely cutoff and stopped filling spots. They had to cut from 90 admitted to 86. You really never know how many times the roller coaster twists and turns.

    From my last experience, the best approach is just to let it run its course...nearly impossible!!! As time progresses the mail seems slower and slower w each passing day and your email can't refresh fast enough : ) and then it's waiting, waiting, & more waiting.
  10. by   gobeach2013
    @gmo77677, are you a transfer applicant as well? if so and if you don't mind me asking, what's your cumulative GPA? and your score of 9.7 is a great score!! how were you an alternate in '09? it's way more competitive now than before. you seem to have pretty high scores and grades from what i'm picking up.
  11. by   gogo1717
    Quote from gobeach2013
    @gmo77677, are you a transfer applicant as well? if so and if you don't mind me asking, what's your cumulative GPA? and your score of 9.7 is a great score!! how were you an alternate in '09? it's way more competitive now than before. you seem to have pretty high scores and grades from what i'm picking up.
    Perseverance! When I initially applied my score was 8 something, I can't remember. I had Science GPA 4 B's 1 A, Gen GPA 3.74, Teas Gen 89.7, Teas Math 88ish. Oh wait, I was Alt# 17, not 21....anywho during the orientation I sat next to alt #10...between myself and her (span of 7 people) there was a difference of .10!!! I went thru the process, interview, orientation...even trying on the uniform. Then the "Sorry, you were not selected at this time..." Devastated! So, after a few ugly cries and sleepless nights, I decided that I would get right back up and try again. This time I would evaluate what can I do to improve my score? And what would I do differently? Given that it took me forever to finish my pre-req, the Fall '09 was the last term before my sciences started to expire, one by one. So I decided that I would repeat until my score was competitive. Well, I, like many other hopefuls, didn't anticipate the budget cuts-closing the admissions to transfers, blah blah and blah. So what I planned on repeating 2-3 classes turned into all 5! But we'll worth it! I also took a grammar and reading class to help me improve my TEAS, I studied TEAS like a maniac! My score went up to 94.7 general and 96 math. And now my sciences were 4.0

    I told myself that the next time I applied it would be under a different frame of mind and knowing that I did absolutely everything I could.

    When I needed that push to get me in study mode, I would read the rejection letter to myself and remember what it felt like. So now, I just sit and wait and see if it paid off. And of course, I am applying to all programs that are feasible for me.
  12. by   gogo1717
    "Persevere - to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly."

    This quote definitely kept me focused.
  13. by   gobeach2013
    trust me, i know how you feel. this is my second nursing application (first time applying to csulb) because i was also rejected, but from uci's nursing program -- this was my first nursing application. that rejection e-mail i received last year really pushed me to do my best in the prerequisite courses for csulb nursing. i wish i was able to repeat the prerequisite classes like you, but with all the policy changes, obviously, that's not even an option.

    i just hope that 9.45 points will get me in and make this my first and only application into csulb nursing. i have a 1.5 year old daughter as well and i hope i don't have to push my graduation date any further. by the way, i really like the quote you posted. it's very motivating.

    whatever our stories are, i sure do hope that all of us on this thread make it in. just a few more weeks and we'll know if we overcame the first obstacle -- getting an interview invite.

    what other schools are you guys/ girls applying to? i'm applying to LBCC, Glendale Community College, Cerritos College, possibly Santa Monica College, and CSULB. CSULB is the only nearest school with the BSN program that I was able to apply to -- CSULA's deadline was before my grades were in and UCLA seems way too competitive to even try. i'm also trying to stay in the LA area because moving is too hard to do with a family of my own.