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Hi! I think the CSULB School of nursing recently post new pool statistics including those who were chosen for Fall 2011. Knowing that the rating average is 8.91/10, that seems like a huge difference than the previous... Read More

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    Where else did you apply besides Csula and Csulb?

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    CSUSB too and that was it...I am unable to move due to family so I picked the surround colleges. I am thinking of applying to APU's ABSN porgram too, its kinda far up in Victorville but I used to live there, years ago

    This application thing is getting expensive

    I am really concerned with even getting into CSULB university itself! They do not want any transcripts until Feb, which is weird. I cant applying to the nursing program until Jan 1st at the earliest and they need transcripts and scores and stuff. Then if the university denies me then the program will too (that was going to happen anyway) but I mean that is just weird! CSULA and CSUSB wants updated transcripts regularly...
    From the universities I have attended, they always want updated transcripts, but when CSULB wants them so late, what if people lied on their apps! I don't even think I put the right overall GPA down (semester courses and quarter courses and grades is a little tricky to calculate). I think I put lower then what I currently have.
    Ugh this nursing school thing is so stressful, we might as well apply to med school!
    That was a joke lol
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    I've been literally lurking this forum for 2+ years and I REALLY wanted to be the one to start the CSULB Fall 2012 thread, but oh well.

    I'm applying next semester with an in progress course.

    ST1004- I'm also taking micro right now. Good luck on the lab and lecture final.
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    Good luck to you too! What grade do you have right now and what class will you have in progress for the spring?
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    I'm taking anatomy next spring. I barely have an A- in micro right now (not counting all the EC, lab and lecture final, disease presentation, unknown project #2, and final assignment). So I'm nervous, even though I heard he will curve the grades at the end.

    Even with a B in micro, based on your stats, you should definitely be a shoe in next for the fall.
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    Oh I see. I have around the same grade too. Taking the lab final tomorrow, pretty nervous! That would be good if he curved the final grades. Have you taken the TEAS exam yet?
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    When do you have lab?

    And no I haven't, I'll take it in January.
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    At 5. You?
    Are you only planning to apply to CSULB?
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    Aww I thought it would have been cool if we had lab together and just didn't know it. I have my lab at 2, so right before yours. Shouldn't we be studying right now? xD

    Yes, I'm only applying to CSULB. I know it'll be a long shot for me to get in, especially with an in-progress course, but since we have two tries, I might as well try.
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    That's what I was thinking haha, although that would be kind of weird lol!
    Yes, we should be studying but I'm distracted!

    Well who knows, supposedly this semester CSULB students had more priority over transfer students so you might a have chance if that happens again for fall 2012 semester. Although you would have to do really good on your TEAS exam

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