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Hi! I think the CSULB School of nursing recently post new pool statistics including those who were chosen for Fall 2011. Knowing that the rating average is 8.91/10, that seems like a huge... Read More

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    More cuts... What a surprise. It's really sad that people are having to give up their dreams of receiving a Bachelor's degree because CSU's won't accept them and they cannot afford other options. Putting education last on the budget is going to bite our nation in the butt and we know it, yet we (the government, mostly) continue to support cuts. Talk about increasing the gap between the rich and the poor..

    I hope that the CSU's at least tell applicants ahead of time if they decide to not accept Spring transfers so that applicants don't waste their money on applying!
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    This REALLY SUCKS.. but I am not surprised. I am a spring 2013 hopeful and if csulb doesn't accept spring applicants, I have to change my plans drastically. How much in advance will CSULB notify us if they decide to not accept spring applicants? Hopefully around May because that is when I have to notify other CSU's my intent to enroll, but unfortunately, I would have to complete a different degree . Well, if anyone finds out any new updates, please share!
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    Nic: If I remember correctly you posted that you are in class 4 days a week. Is it an 8 hour day? Do you start 7am? 8am? I ask because I may be relocating and will possibly need to carpool.
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    Wow....How typical. And what will happen to those 20,000 students they cut out of getting into schools? Will they be forced to go out of state and pay EVEN more big bucks to get an education? What about overloading out of state schools? What about the CSU employees? They are already over-worked and rude when you try to contact them! What about schooling that requires a license? CA is one of the best schools to get a licenses such as an RN. It basically transfers anywhere!
    ****Ugh it is so sad how our state seems to give welfare out like candy and support illegal immigrants education and yet screws its own citizens (and students) up the ass. ****
    Doesn't surprise me.
    I don't know about you all, but once I graduate, I am moving out of this hell hole, preferably to a country that put its citizens first.

    I feel for the students coming up and applying for spring 2013. It will be hard. The best bet is to maybe transfer in the summer...I don't know if CSULB will allow you to do that but its worth a shot. If you could apply other places, that could help. Apply to as many places as possible, even ADN and far away schools. The drive will suck, but its better than waiting for this crap economy to get better...who knows how many more budget cuts it will take.
    Do not put all your eggs in one basket...
    I am curious though, this budget is for 2012-2013....will this effect us that may come into the fall??!

    ****This may not sound sunshiny but its the way I feel. So I want to warn everyone that its an opinion, my opinion that I really don't want to argue about so if it offends you then please skip it. Sorry in advance.....
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    Quote from Victor 3397
    Nic: If I remember correctly you posted that you are in class 4 days a week. Is it an 8 hour day? Do you start 7am? 8am? I ask because I may be relocating and will possibly need to carpool.
    It differs depending on what semester you're in.

    There is only one, 8 hour day for the first semester. This is once a week and is the clinical for NURS 200. Then you have 2 days for lecture... 3 if you count the 1 unit NUTR class. For exact times, check out the Fall 2012 schedule.
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    The proposed $27 million budget cut shouldn't affect Fall 2012 because the ballot initiative will be held in November.
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    As of right now, it's still a proposal. But honestly, not to sound callous, but rather realistic, this will most likely based on past budget cuts. At CSULB for Fall, all students are limited to a maximum of 13 units as opposed to the normal 16 unit cap. It's probably a sign of the worst that is to come.

    I honestly thought the budget had FINALLY stabilized. I guess not.
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    13 units?! What?! The nursing curriculum states that we take 15-16 units per semester. How does that work? Will nursing students get the cap lifted since it's a "special" time-sensitive program or do you think they are just going to expect us to figure it out? I can see basic students being able to take no more than 13 units if they take classes during the summer, but what are trimester students supposed to do?? This is insane
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    For the nursing program I think to adjust to the budget cuts they just accept less applicants. Don't think that the 13 unit cap applies to nursing students cause then the program would be longer than 6 semesters.
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    It's a 13 unit maximum during your registration, but you can add classes and have up to 16 units maximum (previously 18) once everyone has finished registering for classes.

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