CSULA 2013

  1. Anyone applying for fall 2013?
    I saw recently that they changed something,but i cant exactly point out what it is. I think it might be the statistics prereq.
    They also have the applications due earlier than last year
    anyways, anyone for csula?

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  3. by   Elkay

    I'm not applying yet, just here to be here.

    Edit: Hm...why did they take psychology out and included statistics?!! :***:
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  4. by   Yoshi.O
    OHHHHH thats what it is!
    good eye.
    I honestly was surprised that they didn't have stats as a prereq before. who knows why they changed it though
  5. by   cxmonet
    so thats whats different!
    cos i didnt think stats was gonna be too important so i just decided to take it next sem.
    im VERY nervous though cos i counted what my score could possibly be and I got 22/31.
    that's very little and i was hoping to at least get a 25 or something. -.-
  6. by   Yoshi.O
    I got lucky and before I chose to pursue nursing I took a stats class.
    I totally get you, i'm pretty nervous about not being accepted anywhere :/
    BUT think positive thats the way to go now.
    I think possibly (and hopefully) I calculated my points right and got 25 points.
    do they calculate In progress grades as C's? or how do they do it?
    i have a feeling points wont be too high if they do do that because of adding stats now.
  7. by   cxmonet
    Man thats good!
    I really don't know about the classes in progress.
    But dont you have to turn in your grades for everything on a specific date though?
    Anyway, I BARELY started studying for the TEAS test today. I'm gonna study again tomorrow.
    Yeah, I'm just trying to think positive right now and I'm trying not to stress myself too much.
    Fingers crossed!
  8. by   Yoshi.O
    Oh thats true..But they tell us if ur accepted or not in like April and if people take stats next semester the grades are due by like June or something. I could be mixing up all the schools though so don;t quote me on that.
    Dont worry... to be honest I am too.. I'm only taking 3 classes this semester but I haven't been really able to study like I would like to but we can do this! =)
  9. by   cxmonet
    yeahh the stats is due on june.
    what other schools are you applying to?
    haha im taking two science classes this semester and so far im messing up on my physio. D':
    yeah we can do this xD
  10. by   Yoshi.O
    i'm taking physio this semester too! my teacher is so great so i feel liek i'm doing a little better in that.
    but Micro is another story
    Oh boy, a total of 5 schools fresno,l.a, long beach, san marcos, san diego and channel islands.
  11. by   cxmonet
    haha im taking physio and micro this sem too.
    but its opposite cos my micro's okay but my physio isnt D':
    oh yeah?
    i just have la and long beach cos the rest are too far and i just dont have transportation and the money to go far.
  12. by   Yoshi.O
    haha we should just switch teachers then :P
    Don't stress so much with that, I actually don't have the transportation yet but hey when there's a will, there's a way.
    I actually live pretty far from all those schools except channel islands but there's plenty of ways to get around and get money. It might mean walking in the rain, but in the end when We're RN's it'll be completely worth it
  13. by   SABCAL
    Does anyone know the actual tution for ELMSN 2013? For class 2012, tuition for RN part is higher than regular csula students.
    Graduate part is same as regular graduate students. Year 2013, any change?
  14. by   cxmonet
    yeah i know what you mean xD
    what city do you live in?
    im gonna talk to my counselor for what other options i may have.

    @sabcal i actually dont go to csula right now so i really dont know. :/ im sorry i could be of no help