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CSU Long Beach Acc. BSN application

  1. 0 To the point: Is anyone else having difficulty applying to Cal. State Long Beach's Acc. BSN program? I feel like I've been jumping through a bunch of hoops and I don't know whether this is a normal feeling to be having ...

    - Had to dig out old course syllabi and catalog descriptions of courses to establish course equivalency for my prerequsites (never had to do with any other schools I applied to)
    - Hard to get a hold of people who were supposed to review equivalencies - felt like I was being ignored. Emailed, called, fought through L.A. traffic to get to the campus, only to be shuffled around from person to person
    - Nursing dept requested my official high school transcript (no other schools I applied to asked for this)

    I just got a letter saying that my application could not be considered because I haven't taken a class (which I was told was NOT required) and because the "proof" I submitted for another pre-req in progress was not acceptable...

    I'm just so frustrated. For me, the whole application process for CSULB has been such a maze, and I'm wondering if it's the way the program is run, or if it's something that I am doing wrong...

    Has anyone else had problems applying to CSULB's Acc. BSN? Should I keep trying? I've read on other posts that this is a great program, but I'm about ready to throw in the towel and give up on this school ...:stone