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Hey everyone! I know this is so far away but I wanted to start a thread for the crazy pre nursing students like myself who are already totally anxious for this next spring to come around! All who are... Read More

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    Oh, sorry. I thought you were talking about CSU EB. My mistake. Sac State... yes, I do plan to apply. I have one class that I need to get assessed; it's English from an out-of-state college. And, I'm afraid I need to take the Spanish language test. It's a long drive for me; I wish there was some way to avoid it but my language skills come from time spent in Mexico not classes (on my transcript).

    Good luck with your application!

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    Oh I see. Wow a lot of obstacles for you. Well I do hope you can get all those done by march 2nd. Maybe you could still get in without those 3 extra points for language. You have high stats!
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    I don't mean to whine. Things do seem to be coming together. The program staff have been very helpful.

    One note: It looks to me like the postmark deadline (or in-person drop-off deadline) is March 1, as you said at first, not March 2.

    Here's the link: Traditional

    Isn't that right? I don't want you (or anyone else reading this) to miss it by one day.
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    Yes my mistake. It's march 1st. Thanks for that clarification.
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    i am applying to Sacramento, Bakersfield, Fresno, Stanislaus, Long Beach, Chico, and Channel Islands. Good luck everyone!
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    Cal State Channel Islands is the school for you. 80% ON TEAS gives you maximum points possible. And they give a lot of points for spanish and EMT
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    Cal State Channel Islands is the school for you. 80% ON TEAS gives you maximum points possible. And they give a lot of points for Spanish and EMT

    Quote from Themary89
    Hey everyone,

    I am applying for Fall 2013 to SFSU, SJSU, CSUEB, Seattle University, and Dominican University, but I'm not sure if i'll even stand a chance. Here are my stats:

    Cumulative GPA: 3.72
    Prerequisite GPA: 3.64-ish? might be higher...
    100+ hours of volunteering in an ER (with direct patient care)
    EMT-B certified and nationally registered.
    TEAS: 80% (advanced)...didn't have that much time to study...
    Foreign Language proficient (Spanish)
    Multicultural experience working with at-risk/disadvantaged youth.

    I determined that my impaction score cuttoff for SJSU's program is 10.59, and am hoping that I make the cut!!!

    Any thoughts, please? I'm going crazy over here!

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    I am also applying to those 3 schools, with the same choice order. I know CSULB will count a course in progress as a C, but I believe they are the only school that does it. (I know Chico and Sac dont.) I like CSULB point system the best, because like you I dont qualify for most extra points (second language, economic disadvantage). I like how they just go of pure preformance in your pre-reqs and TEAS. I think I have a 9.2 for CSULB a 69 for Sac and 82 for Chico. My Chico one is a little low, but the other two seem borderline. Ill keep my fingers crossed.

    Quote from liz_hansen
    Hi everyone!
    I am applying to CSULB (my 1st choice), CSUS, and CSUChico.

    Prereqs/coreqs GPA (for Sac State): 3.94 (if they count my final grades of hopefully an A in my 1 science course and 1 nonscience course in progress)

    Major science prereqs: 4.0 (I have the one class in progress technicaly, does that get counted as a C?) If so, that puts it as a 3.6. That would be the case for us all then, right?

    Overall GPA: I can't exactly calculate it because I have over 90 units from 2 different schools, Somewhere between 3.7 and 3.85 I think.

    TEAS: 90%
    Volunteer hours: will hopefully have 100 hours by March, have only 20 ATM
    Nothing in terms of foreign language proficiency, financial difficulty, or multicultural experience.
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    Hey, folks,

    Do you know whether we need to respond when we are told that we are accepted into the university?

    I got my acceptance to CSU EB -- the college, not (yet!) the nursing program. I don't see information on whether I need to respond. I'm not sure I'll go there until I get my Nursing acceptances, so I'm not sure I should submit an "intent to register." Do I just wait until I get in (hopefully) to Nursing and then let the university know?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Hi scwolf,

    According to CSU EB, the intent to register for transfer students should be done no later than June 1st. So you can definitely wait until you get an answer from the Nursing Department. Hope that helps.

    I just found out that they're not making any decisions until late April/early May. Another month of waiting

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