CSU Channel Islands Spring 2012

  1. 0 I just got my acceptance letter to CSU Channel Islands Cottage Hospital BSN program at the Goleta Satellite Campus... Anyone else out there get one as well? I would love to talk to people about it who are attending the Orientation in October! I know there are only 22 spaces, so I hope that there are 21 of you out there who are reading this!
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    I got one! I'm so relieved. I actually got my letter on Thursday and then got an email Friday saying I didn't get in. I'm assuming the letter is valid because its addressed to me and the email was just a "dear applicant" type thing!
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    That's weird you got both..lol..did you call them to make sure? We are the first class for this program so it's pretty exciting. A small class of 22 people is fantastic. Do u already live in Santa Barbara? Have u visited the goleta campus?
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    I'm going to call Monday because they were closed but I don't think they would accidently send me a letter when there were only 22 going out! I grew up in Ventura county and moved to sb beginning of this year. I passed by the address but didn't go in. Did u go to an info session or anything?
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    Yeah, I'm sure the email was a mistake... I wouldn't worry too much.

    I live in Long Beach now, but I used to live in Santa Barbara for 9 years and got my first BS in Biological Sciences from UCSB. I'm really excited to go back there, and especially excited about this program... I didn't go to any of the info sessions, so the only info I have is from their website and what info I could get on the net. I'm quite thrilled with our class size..22 is unheard of, and I know there are 3 full time and 3 part time professors, so it's going to be very directed and personalized study.

    Did you go to the info sessions? I'd love to hear any information you might have, since we will be studying together for the next 2 1/2 years..lol... I'm realy looking forward to the orientation so we can find all all the information... Do you know if Cottage has a tuition assist program in exchange for working for them after graduation?
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    I just got mine! I was so shocked, I didn't think I would get in. I'm still finishing some pre-reqs this Fall so I'd better get B's!!!
    See you at Orientation
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    Congrats lv2srf! See you then for sure! Have you been to the campus or know any more about the program? Are you already in SB?
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    Thank you! I have been to the campus once for an information session...it's great. I don't know a whole lot about the program, but I guess we'll find out all of that at the orientation. And yes I am an SB local so I've been here a long time...I'm very relieved I don't have to leave home, I was even applying to programs in Hawaii!
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    That's cool... I'm excited to get back to Santa Barbara... I miss it a lot! I'm really glad that it will be a small class... I think that's the best thing about it... Other programs I have applied to have 90 or more people admitted each semester, and we have only 22 per year! I'm in Long Beach, and will be making a road trip up there on the 28th for the orientation. Here's an interesting article from the Santa Barbara Independent when the program was announced: http://www.independent.com/news/2010...e-back-health/
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    I attended an info session for the track 1 program last year but not the cottage one. I want more info too! I'm anxious! Do u know anything schedule wise like how many days a week we should expect to be in school? I still work in Ventura part time and I want to give my boss notice about my future availabilty ASAP. I know cottage has a new grad program but I don't know any specifics.
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    I don't know anything about the schedule... I imagine we will have to wait for the orientation session, or perhaps you can contact the coordinator for more info on days per week, etc.... I'm glad you all are finding this thread!!! Great to see an excited crew!
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    Hello there! I am applying for the Fall 2012 BSN Cohort and was wondering for those of you who were accepted.. what your points, GPA, teas, etc were prior to getting in?
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    Hi...keep in mind that the fall program is at the camarillo campus, and our program is with Cottage Hospital in Goleta / Santa Barbara. I would suggest asking on a thread for the Fall CSUCI program and the responses might be more useful to compare your scores. Good Luck to u!

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