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Any students apply to COS Visalia for Spring 2013?... Read More

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    I will be moving but be coming back home on the weekends. Well those are my plans, but who knows what might happen.
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    Quote from Lucy_03
    Yes. If I don't get in I'll be applying to Fresno state
    If u do apply to Fresno state and u get in, u will love it! I am a 1st semester student and the instructors are wonderful, especially Ma!
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    well fresno state is my first choice obviously but they are on a freeze and honestly waiting another semester isnt really an option.... But yea i have a lot of friends who go there and they really love it. i will most likely go there for the rn to bsn if i go to a city college.
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    I spoke with the COS Nursing department yesterday and was told that we should all hear something by October 15th. The letters are going out next week. I am so nervous now!
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    I just got my acceptance letter big fat envelope this is amazing!!!
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    Omg congrats to you lucy_03!!!! You must be super excited!...i still haven't received any acceptance/rejection letters. Il just wait till next week.
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    Congratulations Lucy_03!
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    Thank you guys! Let me know if you guys will be attending!
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    Got my rejection letter on thursday better luck next time. I still have 2 other schools to hear from. Im so bummed out though ;(
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    I'm bummed too was really hoping to meet you