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    Yeah, I tried to apply for WHC program a year ago and I didn't get in. I also didn't have a few classes that would have given me extra points but I have a few friends in that program and they said pretty much everyone that got accepted had some medical license. So I'm crossing my fingers for COS and Fresno City. Really want to get into a program soon. I feel like my grades are good enough but feeling a bit discouraged.

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    I applied at COS for Spring 2013
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    Hey everyone! I've also applied to cos for spring '13. Has anyone heard anything yet??
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    I also applied for COS for spring 2013... I heard they respond in october but I don't know what day... You guys feel good about getting in?
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    Would you happen to know if they respond by email or mail? I feel confident about getting in but then again if its lottery, who knows?
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    I don't think it's lottery they go off science gpa and teas test and English grade
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    Ok thanks!! will this be your first time applying to COS?
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    Yes. If I don't get in I'll be applying to Fresno state
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    if you dont mind me asking, what are your grades and teas test scores? grades being in the 3 top sciences... anatomy, phys, and micro
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    Physio- B
    Micro- B
    Anat- first time "D" (i know that D looks horrible lol) second time "A"

    May i ask what are your grades?

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