Concordia University Irvine Accelerated BSN Summer 2011

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    hey everyone,

    just wanted to get a separate thread going for those of us who have applied to cui's absn program for the summer/fall 2011 entrance. has anyone been invited for an interview yet?

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    Thanks for starting this new thread. I too am anxiously awaiting some good news about an interview. Good luck to us all. Please post if anyone hears anything!
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    No problem!

    We've got to be hearing soon if interviews are supposed to be held the 3rd week of March.

    Have you applied any where else?
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    I also applied to Saddleback's program, but Concordia is my first choice. How about you?
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    Yeah thanks Psych_to_Nurse for the new thread. I'm thinking we should hear soon too. I typically work on Saturday mornings and from past posts it looks like most interviews are held on Saturdays. I need to be able to get the day off from my job to make the interview so I want to know with plenty of time.

    I've only applied at Concordia since I have 2 classes in progress (Anatomy and Micro) but plan to apply to Azusa Pacific and CSUF if I don't make it this time around. Concordia is my first choice too and I will reapply in June if I don't make it this round. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I at least get an interview.

    What was everyone's first Bachelor's in? Mine was in Foreign Language Spanish with an emphasis on Linguistics from CSUF in 2001.

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    I applied to Saddleback as well, along with CSUF, UCLA, MSMC, CSULB, CSUN, and Glendale CC. Concordia is quickly becoming my first choice though.

    I have nutrition in progress. I'm hoping that it will not hurt my chances but if I have to I will reapply in June when that course is complete.

    My bachelors is in Psychology. That's great that you have a degree in Spanish - it will be a great asset to your nursing career. I'm trying to learn spanish right now but I'm doing it with Rosetta Stone.

    As for interviews... I would hope they would give us at least a weeks notice... Ahhh I just want to know!
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    My degree is also in psychology. I do not have any classes in progress. Ahhh... I really hope we hear soon!
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    Just found out I got an interview!
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    Woo hoo. I got an interview too!
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    Yay! Congrats! It's so nice to know we are still in the running!
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