CNA renewal. How many hours of work is required for renewal?

  1. 0 I'm considering getting my CNA next month, but I don't plan on using it right away. I've read that you have to renew your Certification every 2 years. Well, how many hours do I need to work as a CNA during those 2 years? I've read 8 hours, one week, one month...etc.

    Hypothetically, if I didn't work during the 2 years after certification, what would happen once it's renewal time? Would I need to take the courses again?

    I know it seems weird that I would get certified and not work, but I do have my reasons.

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    in my state you need 400 hours. i got mine but haven't used it yet either. i am almost finished with my RN program, but if I can't get a job right away I plan to work asn a CNA with my RN degree. sad, but thats the only way I can keep up my clinical exposure while I;m waiting for the market to get better. at my last school , they discouraged the CNA degree because they felt they only had to "retrain" you but I completely disagree. The CNA in my classes are far ahead of the other students and also have some medical background on their resume, which can give them a huge leg up when searching for jobs post grad. good luck.
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    I believe it's 48 hours of CEUs and 8 hours of paid work experience in order to renew your CNA. You might want to check out the California Department of Health for the exact numbers.

    What good is having your CNA if you're not going to use it. If you're worried about nursing school and working as a CNA is going to get in the way then try to work per diem (PRN) that way you can still show that you've got some experience outside of training. Hope this helps and good luck

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