Chico State Nursing Program

  1. Super excited! I have been accepted to Chico State's Nursing Program for Fall 09'. I am loooking for any other students that will be commuting from the Redding area that are intested in car pooling. Let me know if anyone is interested and good luck to you all!
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  3. by   yelle418
    Congratulations on your acceptance! ! I am not going to Chico next semester, but i am from Redding . and I am actually going to be moving to attend Stanislaus State's program in the fall. I just wanted to say Congrats! I applied to Chico last semester for the spring but didnt make it in, and then when i was applying for the fall my waiver ran out so i didnt end up applying to Chico's program , but its okay im really excited to begin Nursing School !! Did you go to Shasta College?
  4. by   Mommy to 4
    Congrats as well! It is so disheartening to not be accepted at first, but you made it and you will be starting soon! I was originally an alternate for Chico, and thankfully I made it in BARELY! I did attend Shasta College, just finished Anatomy and Physio this Spring! Wheewww....that was quite the undertaking! Good Luck to you!
  5. by   waiting_j
    Hi there, I know it's been a long time since your posting; however, if you do read this, could you tell me what number you were on the wait-list please?
  6. by   Mnorman2
    I just got into the Chico Nursing program for Fall 2011 and am selecting who to do my Practicum with, who would you guys suggest? Is there any instructor I should try to avoid?
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  8. by   emt-d
    I am startin nursing school at chico state this fall 2011 too!
  9. by   Mnorman2
    Nice! are you an EMT in Chico?