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Hey there! Anyone appling to the program this fall? I am. I'm going the info session this Friday... Read More

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    No. I'm sorry i do not. Did you get an alternate spot? I still have not received anything in the mail. I am assuming i was not accepted. Oh well, pretty bummed but maybe next time. Did you do your prereq's at Chaffey? Do you live in the district? I did my prereq's at valley college and live 45 minutes away from Chaffey. I have a 3.5 in sciences and a 3.0 in all the other required classes. Did you apply anywhere else? I applied at rcc and valley college.

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    yeah i got accepted as an alternate..i live about 10-15 min away from chaffey. i only did the calculations class with them. i have a 4.0 gpa for the general classes and a 3.3 for the special prerequisites
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    I begin the nursing program in Spring 2013. Anyone else get accepted? Or if already in the program, any advice you can spare??
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    Goodluck Karin_Zabel!!! I just finished the 1st semester at Chaffey. It was tough but doable. If you have any questions, send me a message!!
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    Hey I begin on January too I bought the uniform and one of the shirts has buttons on the back is that the way its suppose to be?
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    Yup thats how its suppose to be. It should have 3buttons and a tie on the back.
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    Yeah that's what I have. Thank you so much for responding I was so worried lol
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    Dont be worried. Which clinical site did you get?
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    Also, would you recommend taking the elective (hs 500)

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