Can I work as an LVN with only an RN license in CA? - page 2

I am a newly licensed RN but currently hold an LVN job. My LVN license will be expiring soon and I would like to avoid paying renewal fees if possible. Is it necessary to have an active LVN license... Read More

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    Finally got through to the right person at the BON. Their answer to my question is that, no, you can't work as an LVN with only an RN license. In CA, you must have an LVN license to work as an LVN. Therefore, I must renew my LVN license in order to keep my current job as an LVN. Thanks again to everyone who responded!

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    Thank you so much for sharing what the Board told you. I was wondering the same thing due to not being able to find a RN job here in California.
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    No you can't work as an LVN with an RN license.

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