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Calling all California RN's

  1. 0 Hi ladies, and gentlemen!
    I am planning on moving to California within the next two months and am currently job seeking! So far i'v had no luck getting an interview. A job in the Sacramento area would be ideal but am open to move almost anywhere. I have mainly applied to Sutter Health and Dignity Health hospitals but I am open to anything. I would appreciate ANY help!
    Thank you!!!

    Quick facts about me:
    • Bachelors in Science of Nursing, RN License
    • 1-2 years of Telemetry and Med-Surg experience.
    • Basic Life Support Certification
    • Advanced Cardiovascular Support Certification
    • Basic Cardiac Monitoring Certification
    • Bilingual can read, write and speak Spanish
    • Fast learner
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    I suggest that you also apply to UC Davis Health System. The UCD Medical Center offers wages comparable to other hospitals in the region, an excellent working environment, and a terrific set of benefits. It also provides employees with a variety of ways to increase their professional knowledge and explore other areas of nursing.

    I believe your qualifications would make you a competitive candidate. Best of luck in your job search.
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    Don't forget SNFs/ Rehabs/ Surgery Centers, if you really want to work in Sacramento area and are open to absolutely anything. Best of Luck!
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    I completely agree with the nurse in comment #1. If you want to work in the Sacramento area, apply at UC Davis. A great learning environment (it is a teaching facility). Your qualifications would make you an excellent candidate in my opinion. Good luck & welcome to California.