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  1. Hi Everyone! :redpinkhe

    I am currently a 2nd year BSN student at San Francisco State University in the bay area and am desperately searching for some internships here in california. My area of concentration is OB, since I want to be in the NICU in the future. I already applied to one in Glendale, CA and just missed out on the Kaiser internship in LA. I was wondering if anybody knew of any hospitals in San Francisco, CA that has internships available that I do not know about? I have been browsing every other night, but can't seem to find much internship offers in California except the 2 that I have found.

    Should I call hospitals around San Francisco to see if they have internships?

    Please help! I really would love to get some experience under my belt before I graduate in Spring 2012 and would love to save up for an international volunteering trip that I have planned when I graduate.

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   five10fevr
    Did you ever find any other internships last summer? I am in the same boat this year. I applied at Glendale Adventist and missed out at Kaiser.
    Any insight of internships in California would be great.