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  1. I am attending a community college in Pennsylvania and i am almost done all the prereqs to get into a bsn program. I really want to go to school in California but i am not a California resident. So far, i've looked into almost all the cal-state schools such as cal-state long beach, fresno.. etc.. and they told me i would have to be a resident in order to be considered into their bsn program. I am also aware of schools like UCLA, UCSF but i know that they are really competitive and also cost a lot of money to go there. I am currently looking into California colleges.. but i need to be able to dorm within the school because i am relying on financial aid for support. I am studying really hard to finish my last semester strong. My goal is to find a good uni or college with a nursing program in California that accept non resident students into their bsn program. If any Californians/students know of any good uni/college and the criteria that i've listed, please let me know. Thank you.
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    I am currently a 3rd semester nursing student at California State University, Stanislaus. As far as I know you do not need to be a CA resident to get into the program. The application only asks if you are a US citizen and if not you need to provide documentation of citizenship for your country. This may be the case for other Cal State schools as well, I'm not sure. Stan state is a university located in Turlock, CA which is about 15 miles form Modesto and about 90 miles from San Francisco and it has an excellent nursing BSN nursing program (100% NCLEX pass rate for last graduating class).