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CA Nursing Schools

  1. 0 hello all,
    i am a canadian citizen attending a california community college in my second year with the goal of getting my bsn at uci, and ultimately going to grad school. i am in the midst of finishing up my prerequisites and my gpa has remained at an average 3.76; hopefully i can get it in the 3.8 region before i begin my application.
    i understand that transferring into a uc nursing program is very competitive and i was hoping i could get some advice in ways i could jack up my application.

    current ecs/achievements:
    -deans list
    - cancer board of hope for 6 years
    - haiti justice and awareness committee for 1 year (also includes a 7 day mission trip to haiti)
    - about 500 hours of volunteer hours (non clinical)
    - volunteer of the year award nominee in 2009 and 2010
    - completed french immersion (ossd)

    i plan on volunteering at a hospital this year for some clinical volunteer hours.
    i would love to hear any recommendations on what i could do to increase my chances of acceptance!
    much appreciated.
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    Hello and welcome to the site.

    I moved your thread to CA Nursing Programs.

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    Thanks I wasn't sure where the appropriate place to ask would be.