CA nurse ratio FAQ removed from website

  1. 0 Does anyone know why CA Dept of public health removed the FAQ? It says it is being updated, but the date is December 2010.
    Is there another place where a copy is available?

    here's the link:

    ps google has not been helpful
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    Quote from smoke over fire
    Does anyone know why CA Dept of public health removed the FAQ?
    That really worries me. Because those FAQ have information about break relief regulations. My hospital violates those regulations all the time and what's interesting most nurses don't even now that

    one nurse could not assume the other nurse’s full assignment while that nurse went on a break, because the nurse remaining on the unit would then be responsible for the care of eight patients during the break period, and that would be a violation of these regulations.
    But hey, internet is a wonderful thing, right? So get your copy here

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