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Hello, I'm an CA LVN and today have been offered a case position with a home health agency. From what I understand, my job will be to arrive at the client's house at 10pm and set up the TPN. I was informed that all I had to do... Read More

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    Check your VN school text books and see what is written about TPN, I know it varies between states but I do believe it is relegated to RN's or pharmacist.
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    To clarify the question, you're setting up the TPN but not actually connecting it or running it? I believe that actually RUNNING the TPN is out of the LVN scope of practice but the setup of it? Good question...

    Have you asked the LVN board?
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    Checked both my basic nursing and med-surg nursing books, they both briefly (a few paragraphs) give an overview of what PN/TPN is. The basic nursing book gives no instruction on administering, as it does with other procedures such as inserting NG tube, checking tube placement, etc. Then again I wouldn't really expect it to be in a basic nursing book :/
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    That's what I initially thought, however after meeting today with the RN in charge I was informed I was to be setting up and administering the TPN. After starting the infusion and assessing for a few minutes, I was to finish my documentation and leave the patient. I also had some apprehension because I would be hanging the TPN, but not monitoring for the entire infusion.

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