Butte College Spring 2013

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    Just wondering if their are any 2013 Spring Butte RN students out there, and if/how you are preparing for the spring. I 'm one of the fortunate veterans that was accepted. Thanks to the hard working staff at Butte Nursing!!!

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    hi, I was also accepted into the Spring 2013 RN program. I'm also a veteran and I'm in the process of getting my stuff together in preparation for the program. Have you scheduled your CPR class yet? And have you taken your TEAS test? just curious.
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    lol... This is my first time using this and I accidently pressed the wrong button. opps...
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    i think we just talked about these things today. BTW, have you taken quiz 18?
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    lol... nope haven't started yet. I probably won't do it till the 9th.

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