Brotman medical center job fair - page 2

Has anyone heard back from the nursing job fair at Brotman medical center that took place on Monday Dec 17, 2012 ??... Read More

  1. by   abbycakesss
    I've been calling their HR recently to follow up and earlier last week was told that the nurses are no longer going on strike, and that they have gone through the applications and moved forward with candidates. However this past Friday was offered a full time position! So definitely keep the faith!
  2. by   staryeyes
    Hi Abbycakesss , Congrats to u!!!! What area did they offer you a job in? I had a missed called from them Friday later afternoon. I will be calling back today!!!!
  3. by   asiki
    Hi abbycakesss, congrats on the offer ! I was wondering if you started orientation yet or have a start date ? or anyone else who got an offer ? thanks in advance !