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    Hey there California nurses. I am planning on moving to the Bay Area spring of 2013. I am NOT a new graduate nurse. I have been working the last 2 years as and emergency room nurse in a level 1 trauma center. I work with every kind of patient from barely alive trauma patients straight off the helicopter, intubated respiratory failure patients, to the patient with a small cut to their pinky finger that thinks they are going to die... Prior to the Emergency Department I worked cardiac step down and am quite comfortable with telemetry, EKG interpretation and hemodynamically unstable patients. All that being said, I'm trying to research what a realistic nursing salary for the Bay Area would be. Various searches online have returned various results. I plan to work in ER or would like to go to Cardiovascular ICU when I get there. Any help with this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced!

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    with your experience, i wouldn't be surprised if you started off at $50/hour minimum in any Bay Area city. New grads get paid in the low 40's.
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    thanks for the input.
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    In San Francisco, $55-65/hour. Other cities might be a little lower.
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    Depends on the hospital anywhere from 55-70 for the bay area!
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    I landed a new graduate position in San Francisco and am starting in the low 50s/hr. Your salary will undoubtedly be a little higher.

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