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I just received my acceptance letter from BC! Any one else... Read More

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    Does anybody know when the acceptance and rejection letters are sent out for the Spring 2013 semester? The deadline to apply was Sep 30, so I'm just curious approximately when applicants will be notified. Super nervous, this is my second time applying.

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    Hi jenjen83,

    I also have applied for the first time to bc for Spring 2013. U didnt get in last semester? r u from that area? I am not I live 5 hours away. I asked they said this week is rejection letters and first week of November is acceptance so Idk . I am scared, i think i wont get in the first time , mostky people get in around the second time it seems like. I was also applying to a csu but I didnt pass the teas for it so that really torn me down and I have applied to community colleges, I passed the teas for there but my score is not good for the CSU lol...
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    do you know if it is lottery or by points?

    did you apply anywhere besides bakersfeild or did you just apply to bakersfeild community college
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    I applied last semester too and didn't get in. It seems most people get in on their 2nd try, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. Who did you ask about the letters? I'm originally from Bakersfield, all my coursework was completed there, but I now live in Fresno.
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    It is a lottery system, Fall 2013 will switch to Multi-criteria, so it will be a point system. I've also applied at Fresno City twice, didn't get in. And now am looking at National University.
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    Yea I talked to the student girl but she said they r going to be drawing out of the lottery in a couple weeks then they will find outHow did u do on your teas score?Do u know approximately how many students get accepted for each semester?
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    I don't think I might get in then because typical they accept people around the second time and that's sucks they will be doing point system. It's all about luck cuz I know a person who got accepted through lottery at my local community college the first time vs someone who had to wait 2 3 times to get in.
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    I live 4hours away from bakersfeild and I am not from there but i don't k ow just hoping for the best

    U don't want to apply to any csus. I can't because of my teas scores which sucks cuz I can't pass for the csu which makes it so hard

    Do u know how many peoe they accept each Semestef plus alternativesWere u placed as alternative last year
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    I believe they take 60 applicants, and 20 alternates. I'm not applying to any CSU's. I haven't taken the TEAS yet. Waiting on my acceptance first.
    Fingers crossed!
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    That's great and I am scared too we will just have to wait

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