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  1. 0 Hey guys, I am new in this forum. I would like to apply for ELM program at APU in San Diego area. I will finish my pre-req by January 2012. When is the application deadline for ELM program? Do they accept students just once a year? I heard before they accept 3 times a year. I am so confused about the deadlines on their websites. So If anybody has any information please help me.
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    The ELM program accepts 3 times a year at the San Bernardino and San Diego campuses. The main campus only accepts in the Fall. The deadlines depend on when you want to start. i.e. for Fall 2012, the deadline was Nov 1, 2011. For other terms, it's available on their website. Just go to under Nursing, ELM, admission and it's all there
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    Does anyone know by any chance if the hospitals for the clinical courses for ELM are close to Azusa campus? I do not drive and I want to know if it is possible to communicate from the campus and the hospitals with public transportation.
    Thank you
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    From what I've heard the possible hospital sites include: Rady's, Scripps Mercy, Sharp, Kaiser, and other community sites (for Mental Health). I'm sure it is possible to use public transportation, especially with the trolley station so closeby- it'd just take some good planning.
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    Thank you for the Info. I was worried about that, now feel better
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    Did you get accepted into APU SD?
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    No. I have accepted at Azusa.

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