Anyone attend or know about hacienda la puente rop lvn program?

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    I'm currently a student attending Hacienda La Puente Adult School VN program. I started the program in June 2009 and expected to graduate in June 2010.

    First, there is a test that you need to pass in order to be considered for the pre-vn class. It's your basic math and english test. You have to walk in and pay a certain fee. Call the office since I don't know if they changed the schedule of the test. Next, they choose 100 students to attend the pre-vn class. Then, they choose the top 35 students(including alternates) for the acutal VN class.

    I suggest that you check out other puclic sector VN programs near your area. Don't be only concentrating on one school. From what I'm hearing, there is a huge budget cut for the next school year and it's affecting all the ROP and adult schools. It means that they may cut certain programs, reduce the amount of students, or reduce the enrollment date of the program.

    Honestly, I am glad that I took the risk and enrolled into Hacienda La Puente VN program. Although I travel far (from Garden Grove), I can't complain about the amount of clinical experience that I'm getting from this program. I enjoy what I do!!! Good luck with your choice in VN programs out there!
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    Hi. I attended HLPAE's LVN program from Jan 08 until Dec 08. I learned soooooooooo much there. The teachers were great. I never did get my LVN license because I was immediately accepted into the RN program at Mt. Sac and am now in my 3rd semester. The LVN program taught me so many skills and patient care that I haven't really gotten to do in the RN program. I haven't done 1/3 of the stuff I did in the LVN program. Don't get me wrong. I am so happy to be in the RN program. It's a different mentality and we go to so many hospitals and learn a lot, too.

    The LVN program at HLPAE is really hard and lots of work and you can get burned out really quickly. There are hardly ANY breaks except for a week off after the 1st 6 months and another week off about 2 months later. It's 2 1/2 days of clinicals and 1 1/2 days of theory. There are quizzes every single week and a lot is expected from you at clinicals as well. But, you know what? If you're passionate about nursing and you love working with people, you will do well. Besides, the best thing about nursing school is the people you meet and the bonding relationships you develop with your classmates.

    Good luck in your quest in becoming a nurse.

    P.S. I think LVNs work way more harder than RNs and we learn a lot from the CNAs. Love them.
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    I graduated from Hacienda's LVN program in Dec 2006. The program/instructors were tough, but it was sooooo worth it! Not to be vain, but I think Rio Hondo and Hacienda have excellent LVN programs. I have worked with nurses from other schools, and let's just say that you will be thankful that you went there! you graduate well prepared. If you go the Hacienda route, it is tough but hang in there. The instructors grill you and drain you, but it is to make you a stronger and SAFE nurse. If ---------- is still there, you will learn a lot from her, also from -----. Some tips : be on time, have everything ready the night before clinicals, stay confident!
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    I am also interested in Hacienda's LVN program and I was just wondering, how long the PRE lvn class was and when it usually takes place?
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    Quote from bamitsdhills

    I am also interested in Hacienda's LVN program and I was just wondering, how long the PRE lvn class was and when it usually takes place?

    I just finished the 4 pre-VN classes this week. Getting into the classes is as follows: Upon completing the assessment test w/ a competitive score (I really don't know how they score, but 12 is the highest score in the categories of reading, writing, and math), they invite 100 people to attend 4 MANDATORY pre-vn classes. They told us everyone who was invited to the pre-classes pretty much had 12's across the board....a few 11's, but not very many.

    Once you are invited, you choose which day you want to take the 4 pre-classes: either Mondays 8am-12pm or Thursdays 4pm-8pm. I chose the Thurs classes and there was about 30 or so people in our class. The instructor said there were about 56 people in the Monday class.

    Selection into the LVN program is based on a 100-pt rubric system and they only take in 30 ppl. There are several tests based on different subjects. Ours was on the respiratory system, asthma, dosage calculations, and a 30-pg handbook they sent us via email. You also have to give a speech about yourself in front of the everyone. Finally, there is a health careers aptitude test where they ask several questions on psychology, science, and spelling.

    You know immediately how you scored on some of the tests, but not others. Therefore, you don't fully know how you stand compared to others. By the end of 4 classes, there was about 25 or so people left in our class. The instructor said in past years, there are usually about 60 ppl left after the 4 classes are you have about a 50% chance of getting in.

    I hope this helps. They said they would let us know via email if we got in or not by the end of next week...and the wait is already agonizing! Wish me luck! And good luck to you! God Bless!
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    My pre-vn classes started in mid April. The LVN program begins every June and January. They, obviously, have to give you time to get your stuff together (CPR certification, TB testing, physical, etc.), so I would think the pre classes for the January candidates start sometime in October/November.
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    ...Just an update...

    I got in the June program!!!! On my way to achieving my childhood dream of becoming a .
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    You said that you were sent some material by e-mail. Could it be possible to have it. I already passed the test with 12+. I just want to be prepared in case I am one of the lucky ones. Or is there other materials that you recomment for the pre-lvn classes? Thank you
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    La puent rop lvn program material for pre lvn classes

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