Any knowledge of a good part time/evening/weekend nursing program in southern CA?

  1. G'day all. My name is April and I am new here. I need some words of wisdom and advice. I want to become a nurse however I have a few obstacles in my way that I am unsure how to clear. You see I currently have my BS in Chemistry with a bio minor from another school and I am working a FT M-F 8-5 kind of job. I am the only source of income and medical insurance for my husband and I right now (and Californians know how jacked this state is right now). I have my pre-reqs however I either need a part time program which will allow me to continue to work my shift (at least mostly for the insurance) or an accelerated program that won't cost me much more time than a year as that is all the savings I have. Currently Cal State system is not accepting secondary bachelors so CSUN is out of the question. Any knowledge of a good part time/evening/weekend program in the southern CA area? Any other ideas? Thank you all so much! Happy holidays to you and yours.
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