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hello everyone! So i passed the hesi test needed to get into west coast university (la campus) and i just have a few questions for students that already go there. do you like it there? & also they gave me a financial aid... Read More

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    I understand the desire to get into a school soon but the idea of walking out of school as an RN with $100k+ in loans, especially if you have to take your pre reqs there is ridiculous. Understand that the starting salary for an RN is not the same as the average salary. I caution you to really reconsider this option. I went to CC for all my pre reqs and got into a nursing school on my first time applying. I will graduate next Decemeber and the entire program will cost me arond $6,000. I choose community college because I didnt want to be paying loans back for 20+ years. Honestly for that much money you might as well go to med school. Or go cheaper and go to a LVN school that cost $15-20k and then you can easily get into a bridge program at a community college and save $50k
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    Have you taken hesi?
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    Quote from futurenurse0091
    hello everyone! So i passed the hesi test needed to get into west coast university (la campus)and i just have a few questions for students that already go you like it there? & alsothey gave me a financial aid packet and im so confused!!!what type of loan is best to get? I was considering the parent plus but i believe the re-payment for that starts 60 days after graduation so that scared me.
    How many times you taken hesi? I'm retaking mine, I was wondering if it will be the same exam.
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    Quote from BGax
    Yes, I transferred in 5 classes which cut my cost down a lot. I feel you on community colleges being so packed. It really sucks. And yes, the college algebra class is pretty hard. I had the very best math instructor ever, if I may say so lol. So he made it easier on us.. but You have to push through that class. If math is not your strong suit, go on khan academy . com and watch ALL the algebra videos starting from the basics. I did that last summer and it saved my butt. Also, go to tutoring on day 1. Do not wait until it gets hard. And with failing, it is a 2 fail rule. Basically if you take math and fail it, you have one more chance. If you fail it again, you are out. But you WILL NOT fail if you put your mind to it. You can do anything you set your heart on. And they have you apply for financial aid in the middle of the program, so I guess that yeah... maybe you could get denied for the loans? Just make sure that whoever is signing with you has good enough credit. I have to reapply in November and I am gonna try to qualify without my mom on the second. The government loans are all me. the private is her. And yes, I know the feeling. It took me 3 years to decide on west coast. I wish I would've done it earlier, but I was not ready. Most people that say bad things do not look past the price tag. It is not cheap, so you gotta know, without a doubt, that this is what you want. Good luck
    How much $$ u saved after those 5 classes u transferred? What are those classes? I'm planning to start this nov. I turned in my transcript and hoping to transfer 6

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