advice on working as an rn in bay area

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    I'll be moving to CA in April and was hoping to preferably work in a hospital. Currently I'm working in home health PedS (1 year experience) and want to know what hospitals specifically in the south bay, that are great to work in. If you have any advice out tips, I'll take any! Thanks!

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    It can be pretty tough getting a job in the hospital setting as a new grad RN or as a somewhat new Rn. Have you tried Adult Day health centers? It's not a snf setting, no work weekends, & can be a good transition. You still do assessments, meds/treatments, charting, care planning, etc..& collab with program directors, Social worker, dieticians, pt, etc. I have colleagues who worked in ADH and know so much! They also are more experienced in dealing with family and other HC members. It makes me wish i tried workin at a adult day health as a new RN instead of waiting n hoping for a job, its experience! If you live near Antioch try RSNC, they also have a concord location. My friend told me they hire new grad RNs, somewhat new RNs too! BSN degrees preferred. They pay pretty well too. How do i know this? I toured there before as a nursing student & friend knows people there. Hurry and apply! I posted it on here, who knows who'll beat ya to it. Goodluck & much success.
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