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Accepted to Nursing Program

  1. 0 I was accepted to a LVN program at a fully accredited business waiting lists, no prerequisites, no BS....the program is only 14 months long....The problem is that I will not graduate with a degree and I cannot transfer. I will just be a LVN...My mom has been just a LVN (no degree) for 36 years and seem to have done just fine....I'm scared I think.....It is full time from 7:05 Am to 3:00pm 4 days a week...The program is $35,000 and most of it will be paid for with grants and loans.....Please give me your opinion and any comments you wish to give......The class starts in January. I have always wanted to be a nurse...
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    If I were you I'd go for the RN right away. $35,000 is too much money to be an LVN. I just got my acceptance letter from a nursing school that offers AA in Nursing/RN, I'm going to decline, and go to a school that offers the BS/RN that way I can go to grad school in the future.