New student considering Burn Unit..PLZ Read

  1. I am just starting my pre-reqs and am going to apply for nursing school once completed. I am considering working in a burn unit. What are some things I should know as a student?

    My reason for thinking of burn unit is my father was killed 2 years ago in a house fire and and i will not go into detail on the things that i seen but i had to step up and be strong for my mother and the rest of my family. It was nearly 6 months before it actually hit me and i finally broke down and cried. I feel like I would do well with patients and their families because of the things that i went through and have dealt with over the past couple of years. Any thoughts? Also does anyone know anything about the burn units in oklahoma?
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  3. by   ErinS
    This is just my own perspective, and I am not a burn unit nurse, I am just lurking on this board. I think it is hard to go into an area of nursing that you have personal experience with. Not impossible, but hard.

    Also, as someone just starting their pre-reqs, you have a long way to go! I would not worry about what kind of nursing you are going to go into. You will see and learn a lot of different things in nursing school, and I bet as a specialty that many burn units want you to have some previous ICU or at least medical experience... Good luck!
  4. by   jennihardi
    [FONT="Garamond"]I too lost my mother in a house fire, while she was being taken off life support I vowed to become a nurse. I am now a burn ICU nurse. I think my personal experiences actually help me be a better nurse. I have more empathy and can therefore advocate for the best treatment of my patients. I look at my patients and say what if this was my mom, how could I do the best job for her health and recovery. I think it takes a little time to deal with your emotions and when they become distant enough you can pursue your career as a burn nurse. I still get emotional, but that's ok, patients sometimes need someone to be emotionally vested in their well-being. They might not have family or friends to advocate for them. Go for it!